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Study Diplomacy is the latest initiative developed by the Global Diplomatic Forum covering two major impact areas: 

  • Expanding access to knowledge and expertise in areas related to diplomacy
  • Creating partnership opportunities for stakeholders in different fields: Trade, Culture, Education and Environment

The purpose of this project is to facilitate a platform where current and aspiring Diplomats and Foreign Affairs Professionals could find comprehensive information on university and training courses in Diplomacy and International Relations offered by academic institutions from all over the world. 

This global hub is the most comprehensive platform that has access to over 80% of the world's universities and training institutions provides a one stop shop for:

  • Prospect Students of International Affairs
  • Current Professionals within the field of International Affairs/ Related fields

Members of this community can access the wide a range of educational and training opportunities from institutions from across the globe. Universities can not only present what they offer in terms of courses and training, they can also interact with prospect students regarding their education needs and aspiration.

Should you have any queries with regards to then please do not hesitate to contact us:

+44 208 853 3293