3rd November 2017 


The Career in International Affairs Forum is the world's leading event for Careers in International Affairs. we are delighted to launch our annual Career in International Affairs Forum in Brussels this November.Whatever your grade and specialty, our event has a lot to offer.  As well as hearing from leading experts and institutions ,delegates can also receive careers advice, find a new job and identify alternative career pathway.

If you are looking for a career in an EU institution, EU agency, and international organisations, the forum will help you plan ahead for your career, which ever path you choose.

Why Attend:

  • Learn what skills and knowledge leading institutions are looking for
  • What languages are needed and at what level?
  • What opportunities are available to further improve your language skills?
  • Network and gain contacts with leading International institutions
  • What support is available to individuals to realise their full potential in their chosen career

A selection of leading institutions take part in the forum to present their work delivered, the required skills/Knowledge and the career path in their specific categories. 

The participating organisations belong to the following categories: Governments’ Agencies, International Organisations, Think Tanks, UN Agencies, Development and financial Agencies and education institutions

The event provides an opportunity for young professionals to discuss the set of skills, knowledge necessary, the career paths that match their aspirations. 

Contact Us:

Email :                            Telephone: +(0) 208 853 3293