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Every generation has looked to the following generation as a source of hope and change. At the Global Diplomatic Forum, we understand the importance of engaging with youth globally, whether through creating more  opportunities for youth leadership, providing advice and insight, through to aiding in developing lasting relationships with key international stakeholders.

The Global Diplomatic Forum is committed to developing the next generation of leaders by giving its members knowledge, skills, exposure, and relationships they will need within over the course of their careers.

The flagship programme for youth at the GDF is the Young Diplomats Forum (YDF), which takes place twice a year-once in London and one in an international location. In addition to London, previous editions took place in Ankara (Turkey), Mexico City /Querétaro (Mexico) , Zagreb (Croatia) and Athens (Greece). Next year it is set to take place in Rabat (Morocco). The Young Diplomats Forum has alumni of over 600 alumni people from more than 100 countries. 

The Young Diplomats Forum and Career in International Affairs Forum have built a global community of peers who share ideas, formed collaborations and developed networks to achieve more together than they could have done separately.

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career in international affairs Forum

The leading fair for those looking for a career in international affairs. Whether you are studying or currently working, join us to learn more about the opportunities available to you

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young diplomats forum

The world's leading event for young and aspiring diplomats. Join us this year for the 12th and 13th edition of the Young Diplomats Forum

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